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Ladies and Gents Welcome To The Website!!! Want To Shoutout Our Brother Pepsi For Setting Up And Working Very Hard and Continuously On Giving Us A Great Looking Website. Thank You Pep!!!!

To All Our Fellow Members and Future Members To Come, We at E.V.O.L.V.E. Gaming are Trying To Help Break the Statistics Of Veteran and First Responder Suicide. The Men and Women Who Put Their Lives on The Line Day In and Day Out Are Who We Are Wanting And Trying To Give Back To. Through The Aspect Of Gaming!!! Anything We Can Do Whether Through Fundraising, Sponsoring or Helping Out Our Members, Veterans or First Responders in A Rough Time or Time of Need!!! This is Why I Started This Community for The Vision of Being a Place Where Our Men and Women of the Armed Forces and First Responders Across The World Can Come and Destress and Have Fun And Grow With Us Just Like Family!!! This Community is A Family!!! That’s What We Are Striving To Create and Grow Upon!!!
We Love You All And Anyone is Welcome to Join the Community. Help Us Be Active In Our Fight Against The Statistics!!!
~Much Love, xNOTORIOUSx

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2 months ago